About Commpiano

What is Commpiano

Commpiano is an online virtual piano that will help beginners with the piano learning process by providing a dynamic and interactive interface. It will help with familiarity with notes, chords, scales and ofcourse, playing full songs. But it won't only be for beginners because it's also supposed to have a good recording system that saves time and produces quality music.


Commpiano has two aims. One is to help beginners (especially one who don’t have a piano) learn piano online with the platform and tools it provides, the second is to help people record sophisticated music.

Commpiano can be thought of as a learning tool because it provides different built in chords, songs, scales and progression and also ways to significantly slow down the speed so that you can follow along. It also provides tools like inversion, transpose, arpeggios and a few others.

Commpiano could also be thought of as a simple Digital Audio Workspace (DAW) since it provides recording functions with metronome that aid record sequencing. Users can choose to proceed to download recorded music.

Future Aspirations

Commpiano online virtual interface

We want to be able to empower a lot of people to create quality music with top tier tools. So, Commpiano will continue to expand its functions and features to make recording easier and faster. The same goes for learning. Overall commpiano will strive to be more and more relevant in the world of music by taking advantage of new technologies.

Would this virtual piano really help me learn

Commpiano song and chords

Yes, and here is why.
Even though playing a virtual piano isn't exactly the same as playing a physical piano, there are some similarities. For example, solfa notes are a musical universal language that can help you know what keys to push even across all instrument. So if you struggle with scoring music, virtual piano serves as a prototyping instrument before trying it out on a real piano. The same goes for trying out chords to make sure they go well with a song. If you've ever tried fitting a chord you haven't been practicing into a song, you'll know what I'm talking about.

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